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Our One Room Cabin
The Loveshack; built by Dave, Sabine, Lucy and Nadine Lefkowitz with help from The Landski Family. Summer 2002. Lefkowitz Family moved in September 2003, two days before school started.

Dec. 2003
We are living in our one room cabin. The walls of our home are straw covered with a mixture of lime, sand and cement that has been mixed with dye the color of our Madrone Tree trunks (the color of adobe). Because you (well, we) cannot apply the mud to the walls exactly evenly, the walls come alive with shadows and different depths of color. When we lie on our floor pads all snuggled up for sleep, the walls look so rich in the lamp-light.

What would Christmas be without Christmas trees? Dave had to thin some trees that were growning too close to each other and so we had our holiday decor. They wouldn't fit inside but outside can work too.

Visiting? Never Fear, we have an OUTHOUSE here! Raise the Flag.
If you would like to come to Jacksonville to help us build our Firstday Cottage but are worried about the accommodations, put your concerns to rest. Not only do we now have a restroom but we also have a fail safe way to avoid intruders. See visitor Nick with Sabine, Lucy and Dave demonstrating the 'raise the flag when you go in' method.