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Construction Resources and Web-Sites

First Day Cottage A FirstDay Cottage is a house kit which is specifically designed for people to build themselves. FirstDays are built with a unique building system designed for the amateur, so they require few tools, are tolerant to error and are still extremely strong and elegant.

The Kachelofen: A Kachelofen is a ceramic tiled woodstove which creates a low intensity, radiant heat. Kachelöfen have been developing for over two thousand years in Europe and are famous for creating a healthy, relaxing living enviroment with no pollution and no dangers of chimney fires, as well as being admired for their artisic beauty. 2316 South Pacific Hwy, Talent, Oregon 97540 * (541) 535-2955

Rogue Valley Electric: Very hard-working and affordable electricians. Detail oriented and willing to share the work with home-owners who have a reasonable knowledge of electricity. 541-488-1937, Southern Oregon.

Fred Bruner Concrete Construction: Arrives early and gets right to work. Very hard-working crew that gets the job done for a very equitable price. 541-608-7533, Southern Oregon.

Roarke's Earthworks: When you think something can't be done, call Roarke, a master at cutting roads, ditches and leveling ground where no one else will go. Plus, he'll fit your little house job in between the big jobs so that you can keep moving. 541-899-7922, Southern Oregon.


Sites of Interest
Topanien, Gifts of the World: We are a multicultural gift store specializing in folkart, jewelry, home decor and gifts from around the globe. Visit us and discover unique hand-crafted gifts. www.topanien.com or at our physical location at 7832 SW Capitol Hwy. in Portland, Oregon.
(Owner of Topanien is webmaster for this Oldpoppy site and is helping to build this house with her family.)

Race Pace Bicycles: All of us at Race Pace are here to provide you with the best possible cycling experience. From the world's best cycling products, to the professional service to keep your bike in top form, to the knowledge we have gained through years of cycling we ourselves have enjoyed. Let us share the excitement we have for this great sport with you. Visit Race Pace at www.racepacebicycles.com or at one of their three physical locations in Maryland. Call 410-876-3001.
(Owner of Race Pace is Mark Lefkowitz, brother to Dave who is building this house. Other Race Pace Owner is Alex Obriecht, good friend of Dave's.)