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Stage 2
Framing, Walls, Roof
& Back Room Floor

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May 2004

Dave's brother, Marc Lefkowitz, flew in for a few days of manual labour and our house rose up! Dave and Marc got the entire front half of the house framed out and they laid the second story floor. They may have done other things but webmaster, Nadine, was in Mexico on a buying trip for her work and couldn't get pics and information.
>Marc, Dave's brother.


Dave tried to get a plumber but they were all busy. What you can't hire out, you do yourself and save money. Dave installed the plumbing. Inspector gave a few pointers, adjustments were made and the plumbing passed.

Nadine on buying trip in Mexico and so unavailable to work on new house website. (mom in backgrnd)May '04
Some picture taking was missed during this period.

Visit Nadine's store, Topanien, Gifts of the World at www.topanien.com or at 7832 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland, Or 97219.

May 2004

Dave and Nick framed out the windows and put up the inside walls (insulation and outer wood will still have to go up on outside of walls.

Nick Obriecht stopped over during a west coast bike trip and decided to stay a while.
Huge help to us.

Framing out the windows.

Windows and doors are framed out and we are starting on back extension of house.
Back extension will be a bedroom, bathroom, stairway and laundry space.

Laying the floor.

Look at that TOOL! Yes it appears to be a simple fence stretcher purchased by Dave's wife, Nadine. But, these boys have ingeniously turned it into a Floor Board Press. For more info see Stage 1.
June 2004 - Roof

Put the boards down, the all-weather paper and then three layers of insulation board.

This is a view of back of house with the roof complete except for the metal roof which goes on later.

Here you can see our insulation and some of the weather proofing paper (and Dave: husband, father and our builder).