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Stage 3
Back Addition
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June 2004
Add two more workers to the formula and the house goes up! Alex and Nick Obriecht, (father and son from Maryland), stopped in for a quick building stint before embarking on a cross country bike trip. A little pleasure ride for two such motivated gentlemen. Thanks Alex and Nick.

Alex (big guy in center) arrived on June 7 and got right to work
Positioning a goal post. The entire stucture rests on the goal posts.

We have the two goal posts in. We are on our way.
the roof
Would you trust this guy
to build your home? He's been at it for three weeks and wow, look at the results. Nick Obriecht,
aka: The Construction Man.
Alex thought that we should have a back window and, voila!

When in the hell are we going to be done?

June 10, 2003 - Addition is up and insulated all around.



Look mom. I can fly!

"Well, I just hope that we do it right the first time. I don't want to have to do it again,"
-Dave Lefkowitz

Father & Son, Alex & Nick. Couldn't ask for a more productive team.