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Doors & Windows
Accept help from everyone who stops by. No person is too small.
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June - July 2004
Friends just keep coming. You want to move far enough away that the location is novel but close enough for friends from your old local to drive to your new house site. While Tom Del Salvio helped Dave with the windows and doors, his girls pulled and cut Star Thistle with our girls. Everyone helped out.

And how do we get this thing up to the house site?



How many do we have to get up here?
Framing out the front doors with Dave Bauer-Peters.

Heave-Ho! Hoist that thing up there. Thank goodness for friends.

Doors. Now we just need the deck.

Framing out the upstairs.

The entire Bauer-Peters Family visited for a few days. They moved right in with their tent, table, chairs and camp stove and told us that they were ready to work.

Kathleen teaching Sabine the how-to's of door knobbing.


Local winery offers respite from work.
Stand on your hands in the pool to cool off after a hard day of work.

Enjoy time off at a local eatery.