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Roof & Siding
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August 2004

The roof and siding are going on. Nadine helped Dave but since she is the picture-taker, it appears that Dave was working alone. No such thing occurred. After Dave and Nadine roofed and sided about half of the back addition, Frank Polarski came over and things really got moving.

Frank is here and we've started on the front of the house. Major drop and so ladders were attached to the top of the house and used for standing.
Krista, Franks wife, helped the guys get the sections of roofing up onto the roof. Each piece has to be taken over the top. Krista kept each roof panel cool by spraying them down. She had gloves but the guys thought they'd be macho and quickly needed help.

Mom, Kristen, on ladder and wondering, "What are my three boys doing?" Don't worry Kristen, as long as they stay out of the Poison Oak, we're okay. And, they are in the pool so they're safe.
Wow! New Roof!
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