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Preparing to Build
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April 2004 - Materials arrived on the 13th and we've been building ever since.
An entire semi-truck load of insulation arrived, unexpectedly, at 8:00 a.m. Good fortune was with us. The fork lift arrived a few minutes later. The guys unloaded it, explained how to use it and left, saying, "Give us a call when you get done." The rest of the house was coming at 9:00 and Dave had planned to practice using the fork lift for the hour between renting the lift and receiving the house. He learned fast. Nadine directed traffic while Dave unloaded. Between unloading and ferrying the stuff up the mile long driveway, the job took all day.

Utility trench was dug and laid. Roarke, of Roarke's Earthwork did the trench and Dave laid the pipe.
You'll see doors, windows, insulation and wood all over your property. Keep it as close to the building site as possible and keep exposed wood covered.
Builder Tip: Do not assume that you can just move the stuff to the house site later. Put it right next to the house site as you are unloading it off of the semi-truck. You will have enough to do later and you certainly do not want to rent the fork lift again.
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