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The benefits of working with a spouse!

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Doors & Windows

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Accept help from everyone.

June - July 2004
Friends just keep coming. While Tom Del Salvio helped Dave with the windows and doors, his girls pulled and cut Star Thistle with our girls. Everyone helped out.

No person is too small.

And how do we get this thing up to the house site?



How many do we have to get up here?

The Truck
1986 Mazda Long Bed
-just had a new transmission put in and gave it a wash.
Builder Tip: You need a vehicle that you can have a relationship with and can depend on. Don't sell out!

Dave courted Nadine in this truck. Drove her away from the wedding in it and loaned it to brother-in-law Kevin so that he could use it to take Nadine's sister on their honey moon after their wedding. When the time comes, Nadine and Dave will be buried in it.