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What a team!
Dave & brother-in-law, Kevin.

Stage 5
Electrical & Plumbing July 2004

Kevin Landski maintains order.

Trenching between house and septic system.

One trench, (our shorter one).
If you need one, call Roarke's Earthworks of Southern Oregon.

Roarke, friend and neighbor, brought this monster over to help.

We had to trench all the way up to the top
of our property. A storage tank
will hold the water so that we can use gravity for water pressure.

Dave and brother-in-law, Kevin Landski installed the plumbing over a weekend and a couple more days for the inspectors adjustments. Then they went to town on the electrical
working with an excellent pair of electricians, J.R. and Ron of Rogue Valley Electric.
Even small cavities work better than no cavities when it comes to putting in the plumbing. Dave squeezed in behind the tub and shower.

Downstairs bathroom. Sink will go between the toilet & tub.

Installing shower, upstairs.

We used a corner shower for space. Sink and toilet will go along same wall to keep the pipes together for easy framing in downstairs where pipes would show.