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Heating - The Kachelofen Stove - page 2 of 3
August 2004

Tree as Savior
Dave Cornell had arrived with our masonary stove, all four tons of it. He headed up the drive to our house. Suddenly his vehicle had problems and before he know what was happening he was barrelling downhill backwards.

Hardly a mark on it, our savior.

Somehow he managed to swerve his back end into a big fir tree which was the only thing between him and a fifteen foot dropoff. Bricks flew out the back end and the van doors got a bit mangled but Cornell was okay and everything was salvaged. He backed up the drive on his next try and soon we were unloading our new project.

Dave Cornell ready for a break.

Frank and Krista helped us. We are thankful for stong, hard-working friends with great kids who all love the outdoors!
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