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What is a brother-in-law for but to help with the plumbing under the house.

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Electrical & Plumbing - July 2004

Aunt Jeanne (with Uncle Pinky in background) directing builder Dave in the how-to's of house construction.

Shaving outdoors is okay. Do we have a mirror. I can do this.

This would be nice! When's the water coming?

Lucy practicing.
Need to hook up that water boys.

Pipe from upper bathroom runs in ceiling of lower room and will have to be boxed in. There is no cavity between upper floor and downstairs ceiling.. Ceiling for lower rooms is the floor for the upstairs rooms.

Main Circuit Board

See box ready for outside outlet and see hole showing back of an inside outlet. Also, see the cuts in insulation where the wires run.

Double click on image for larger view. Arrows point to spot for an outdoor light, light switch, outlet boxes and the wiring inside of the insulation.

Some inside wiring in downstairs bathroom.
Installing Wire
Builder tip:
Use a small electric chain saw to cut your chases in the foam insulation for your electrical wire. Put a bolt through the end of the chain saw bar to act as a depth gage.