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Nadine at the top of Mountcalm with our two water tanks.

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Electrical & Plumbing- August 2004

Builders Note: We actually had two tanks placed at the top of our land. We plan to build a large rectangular pagoda and use its' roof to catch water which will drain into the second tank. This water will be used to water our fruit trees and gardens. Again, we will use gravity for water pressure.

Starting up Mountcalm with one of our tanks.

You need an elevation of 120 feet to get 40 PSI of water. Jackson county requires everyone to have 40 PSI in order to pass their plumbing inspection. We didn't quite have the recommended 120 feet of elevation above our house but we had Roarke move our tank up to the top of the property, hooked up the lines laid back in July (return to prior pages) and lo and behold, gravity gave us the pressure we needed!

Dave and J.R. (of Rogue Valley Electric) have that work environment that many of us covet. -laying the line between the tanks at the top of our property and our well.

September 3, 2004
Everyone has a hot bath!

It has been about 3 - 4 weeks since our tub and showers have been installed, but they don't work. We have water pressure for the toilets, the outdoor facets and the washing machine but none in the showers. We continue to use our outdoor camp showers. The tank at the top of the property didn't seem to help with the showers. Dave thought that maybe we needed a little booster pump.

While looking into purchasing one, he ran into a seasoned plumber who laughed and told him to simply hook up the hot water tank. New gadgets that control the flow of hot and cold water in order to keep showering person from being burned when a toilet is flushed need pressure from both sides in order to work. We rushed home from that plumbing store and, the flip of one switch and, we had water gushing into the tub. It sure pays off to socialize.